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Enlightening Research

International Partnership Promotes Better Success in Organic Farming




The Nano Research Facility (NRF) enjoys a variety of partnerships with research institutions throughout the world, creating shared opportunities for discovery and innovation. One ongoing partnership with the Central Arid Zone Research Institute in Jodhpur, India, involves improving solar utilization in plants, which could lead to better yields in organic farms worldwide.


During a month-long visit to the NRF, scholars from the Central Arid Zone Research Institute, explored increasing plants’ energy supply by trapping solar energy within leaves using nanoparticles. Aerosol application methods were used to transfer nanoparticles to leaves, and results indicated that nanoparticles can be spontaneously transported from the leaves to the stem and root of the plant. This approach could help break existing barriers in solar energy utilization by plants (which is now only 1%), thereby reducing dependence on fertilizers and promoting organic farming for higher yield and better moisture retention in the soil.


The Central Arid Zone Research Institute is an autonomous organization under the Indian government’s Ministry of Agriculture.