Nano Research Facility School of Engineering & Applied Science

Core Labs Overview

NRF will leverage the NNIN – the catalyst for change – to establish core labs with commitment to open and equal access to both internal and external users. Technical staff will provide training on use of equipments that are available commercially and users become self-sufficient in use of these routine equipment and process. To create technical competency for the NNIN community, we will collaborate with research labs to develop unique tools that are only available from Washington University in St. Louis. Technical staff will serve as liaison to build interface between core labs and affiliate research labs. We strongly believe that this is a win-win situation for both parties. In this case, our core facilities not only provide unique tools to the NNIN users but also bring new ideas to research labs to elevate the performance of these tools to the next level of success, leading to translational research toward commercialization.  NRF will also collaborate with other user facilities on campus.