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NRF Lab Equipment

The NRF supports research and development covering a broad spectrum of disciplines by providing an open and shared research facility with equal access between internal and external users. NRF's highly motivated staff will implement training programs to provide a superior learning, working, and problem-solving environment. A few hour-long sessions will allow users from different disciplines to master the operation of our sophisticated tools, and upon completion of the training sessions, NRF users should be able to articulate the principles of these research tools and perform their projects independently. The NRF fosters synergy among users from various disciplines, facilitating incidental collaboration, and qualified users have access to the NRF at all times. Additionally, NRF is able to perform contract work for users who are unable to visit the facility.

Elemental and Molecular Analysis

017 Brauer Hall

Phone: 314-935-5841

Perkin Elmer, ELAN DRC II Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer: Elemental and isotope analysis at ug/L and ng/L concentration levels, dynamic reaction cell for interference removal setup with ammonia and oxygen gas

Perkin Elmer, OPTIMA 7300DV Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometer: Elemental analysis at mg/L and ug/L concentration levels, tolerates high dissolved solids concentrations

Agilent 1100, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography: HPLC system with UV-Vis and refractive index detectors for analysis of organic molecules, speciation of organic and inorganic chemical species, and size exclusion chromatography

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Nanoparticle Imaging

075 Whitaker Hall

Phone: 314-935-5841

FEI Transmission Electron Microscope:  Up to 650,000 magnification; 20-120 kV/LaB6 filament; 0.2nm line resolution.

FEI Company, Nova NanoSEM 230 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope: High and low vacuum modes, includes EDS detector and beam blanker for addition of e-beam lithography system

Veeco, Nanoman VS Scanning Probe Microscope: Tapping and contact mode in air and liquid, torsion mode, temperature control, magnetic force microscopy, nanolithography package

Zeiss, AXIO Scope A1m Imager Optical Microscope: Bright field, dark field, and DIC modes

Zeiss AXIO Observer Z1 Inverted Optical and Epi-fluorescence Microscope: Transmitted light illumination and EPI-Fluorescence illumination with digital camera adaptation, connected to PIV Laser

Zeiss AXIO Observer A1 Inverted Optical Microscope: Transmitted light illumination

Electron Microscopy Services, EMS 850 Critical Point Drier: Dehydrating of tissue samples for SEM

Cressington 108, Sputter Coater: Gold sputter coater for SEM imaging

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Particle Synthesis and Characterization

015 Brauer Hall

Phone: 314-935-5841

Syrris Atlas Automated Synthesis System: Automated batch chemistry system for nanoparticle synthesis

Malvern Instruments, Zetasizer Nano ZS (ZEN3600) Dynamic Light Scattering System:
Size distribution, zeta potential, point of zero charge, and molecular weight measurements, includes universal dip cell accessory and MPT2 Auto-titrator

Varian Inc., Cary 50 Bio UV-Vis Spectrophotometer: Sample transmittance and absorbance measurements from 190nm to 1100nm, includes solid sample holder and specular reflectance accessory

TSI Inc., PIV System for Nano, Micro, & Macro Scale Measurements with LITRON laser: Characterization of size, shape, and velocity of particles and particulate flow at micro and macro scale and in 2D and 3D, good for characterization of mixing in microfluidic devices


017 Brauer Hall
Phone: 314-935-5841

Edwards, Auto 306 Thermal Evaporator: Deposition of thin metal films, 3 sources, box chamber, rotating stage

SCG3 Spin Coater: Spin Coater for Soft Lithography, used for spinning of polymers

Brewer Spin Coater: Photoresist and PMMA spin coating

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Research Grade Nanoparticles

015 Brauer Hall
Phone: 314-935-5841
Contact: Lab Manager

Custom synthesis of well-characterized noble-metal, oxide semiconductor, and magnetic nanoparticles with controlled size, shape, and functionality.

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Jens Molecular and Nanoscale Analysis Laboratory

09 Brauer Hall
Phone: 314-935-4832
Contact: Patty Wurm

The Jens Environmental Molecular and Nanoscale Analysis Laboratory, established in 2001, is located in Brauer Hall, Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering Department, Washington University in St. Louis. The Laboratory is a shared instrumentation facility supported by the core faculty in EECE. The instruments in the Laboratory are also made available to all university researchers and the scientific community for performing analysis at the molecular and nanometer scales.

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