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The 2013 NNIN-REU Program is now underway. This 10 week summer research program begins in June and runs until mid-August.


2013 NNIN-REU Group Picture

The NNIN REU Program at Washington University in St. Louis provides an excellent opportunity for undergraduates to explore nanotechnology through hands-on research. The multi-disciplinary emphasis at Washington University's School of Engineering encourages a holistic approach to nanotechnology development, including the consideration of its impact on environment, health, safety, and broader societal dimensions.


2013 NNIN-REU Interns


The program is run by the Nano Research Facility (NRF), a shared engineering core facility that serves as a vibrant learning environment and fosters interactions among users from various disciplines through its training courses and collaboration among affiliated research labs. 


Grayson Bond

"Recovery of Silicon from Kerf Loss"

Michael West

"NMR Spectroscopic Investigations of II-VI Nanomaterials"

Samantha Corber

"Near-Infrared Multimodal Nanoscale Metal-Organic Framework (NMOF) Particles for Biomedical Imaging and Anticancer Drug Delivery"

Jeanne Xu

"Hybrid Conversion of Lignin: Trees to Fat"

Hannah Bailey

"Crumpled Graphene for Applications in Energy and Environment"

Jeremy Leshin

"Preparation of Transparent Conducting CuALO2 Foils"

Justin Nauman

"Effects of Hydrophilic Membrane Modifications and Natural Organic Matter Fouling on Reverse Osmosis Membrane Performance"

Deanna Lanigan

"Nanostructured Lithium Rich Cathode Materials for High Performance Li-Ion Batteries"

Christine Le

"Determining the Mechanism(s) of Carbon Fullerene Formation in Cigarette Burning Events"


The REU interns live on campus and interact with other groups of undergraduates who perform summer research. Our program offers an exciting research experience through a pathway called the "Wash U Way" -- referring to a culture of readiness to help and collaborate across disciplines and across schools at Washington University in St. Louis.


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Photos used under creative commons from Sid Hastings/WUSTL Photos