FOM Access

Getting Started with FOM:

  • Go to the FOM NRF&Jens and select “I am a new user” in the lower left corner.
  • WUSTL users – select “internal user” and Non-WUSTL Users – select “external user”. Enter your email and phone number. It is optional, but you may also upload a folder.
  • A pop-up will notify you to read the user agreement. Please read the user agreement and upon completion, click the red X at the top right-hand corner. After you have read the agreement, click “I have read the policy and agree with its content / Continue”.
  • Complete the form by choosing a username and password. Enter your affiliation, local address, and phone number. Click Submit.
  • You are now a registered user with FOM!

To Create an Equipment Reservation/Request Training:

  • Once you have been accepted into the FOM system by an admin and you have received training on the instrument, you can schedule equipment time.
  • Go to the FOM NRF&Jens and login
  • Below the NRF logo, click on the drop-down menu to select the instrument you wish to reserve.
  • You will be redirected to a calendar. Click on the time frame you would like to schedule your reservation for.
  • Select the purpose of the reservation and the start/end time. This can be adjusted during your reservation as well. Provide any comments to the admins necessary. Click Express Login.